IN STOCK UW RVS installed saber NP

IN STOCK UW RVS installed saber NP

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It is NEOPIXEL RGB Color changing.We use our AsteriaV2.5 soundboard. 

What’s PreKit


PreKit is a pre-installed hilt we offer to you which has installed blade connecter, chassis connecter and switches in the empty hilt.

Once you purchase the pre hilt, just plug our chassis set and you can play it. Neither wiring nor welding is needed. We offer regular chassis which can be used in many sabers like RVSRVJFO and FST ect.

Have the pre now and enjoy the fun!

UltimateWorks V1.08x Update Beta Phase

1.Replace boot sound from Boot.wav to bankswitch.wav uses the last power off bank.
2. ColorMatrix.txt can be used under individual bank folder as specific bank dedicated matrix.
3. Gesture controls, twist to ignite & off.
4. Gesture controls, forward roll to cycle banks during standby.
5. Gesture controls hold aux and roll to switch color while power on.
6.added blade effect "Scan" as 7.ft.
1.Improve Stab trigger sensitivity , StabThreshold=1000,StabWindow=100 recommended

All parameter can be defined by users via connecting SD card to a PC. No programming is needed. Easy for user-defined just as our Asteria V1.5 board.

-12 Preset banks and can expend to 32 banks or more

-9 blade styles, 7 blade effects and 3 power up effects and 4 trigger effects.

-1 inch blade suitable

BGM play mode. At most 100 BGM files supported

- Mute mode supported

Board to USB charging

- All the accessories for empty hilts will be included 

- The chassis of RVS can be used in FO and RVJ, just pull it out and insert it can make it work. No welding is needed. 

You will receive:

-An installed hilt

-A wrench

- A USB cable

-A user guide

- A blade plug


15-20 working days for shipping worldwide if it's in stock