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The chassis inside is special designed and can not be used in other our sabers. This saber does not fit PreKits.


- 1 inch blade suitable 

- Length 392mm

- Cycle D:164mm

- OD: 40mm

- ID:28mm

- Main material: aluminium alloy

- The defaut blade lenth is 26'' (65cm) (if you choose the option:with two NP blades)

- non-removable chassis

-3W speaker

-Removable 21700 Li-On battery

-Easy USB Type-C access

What's new for the SS saber

 1: Kitless Adjustable Rings with locking mechanism

2: Folding Rings with Adjustable Body

3: New Gesture controls - Roll on and off

4: New Gesture controls - Roll during standby for cycling through banks

5: Asteria New effects - Individual blade effects under a single board

6: Astera New effects - Individual blade color changing with middle LED Automated color matching

7: New Gesture controls - Rolling color switch when powered on

8: New Gesture controls - Stab on and roll off individual blades without affecting the other side




For full installed Neopixel:

The new UW Asteria V2.5 soundboard installed,.

Fully customizable and all parameter can be defined by users in TF card.

 Smooth swing supported

 Neopixel RGB Color changing 

12 Preset banks and can expend to 32 banks or more

9 blade styles, 7 blade effects and 3 power up effects and 4 trigger effects. Total of 756 combinations.

 BGM support (100 audio max)

Replacable chassis


UltimateWorks V1.08x Update Beta Phase

1.Replace boot sound from Boot.wav to bankswitch.wav uses the last power off bank.
2. ColorMatrix.txt can be used under individual bank folder as specific bank dedicated matrix.
3. Gesture controls, twist to ignite & off.
4. Gesture controls, forward roll to cycle banks during standby.
5. Gesture controls hold aux and roll to switch color while power on.
6.added blade effect "Scan" as 7.ft.
1.Improve Stab trigger sensitivity , StabThreshold=1000,StabWindow=100 recommended

Your will receive:

-  A hilt

-  Two blade plugs

-  Wrenchs

-  A USB cables

-  A user guide


For empty hilt or prekit, your will receive:

 - A empty hilt

-  Two blade plug

-  wrenchs