IN STOCK UW RVS installed saber NP

IN STOCK UW RVS installed saber NP

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It is NEOPIXEL RGB Color changing.We use our AsteriaV2.5 soundboard. 

The firmware  V1.070  Update
1.Additional  Sampling  Rate  Support  8000hz,11025hz,16000hz,22050hz,24000hz,32000hz,44100hz,48000hz.
2.Hybrid  Swing  Support(Copy  files  into  Hyswing  Folder).
3.Speaker  Vibration  Filter.
1.Surreal  Swing  Effects  Support(Just  copy  effect  files  into  Swing  folder).
2.Flame  Speed  Relates  to  Swing(BGmode=9).
3.Add  Dot  Spark  Filter(FTmode=6).
4.Add  Partial  Flip  Fade  in&out(TGmode=2).
1.Bank  Switch  Auto  Ignition.
2.Swing  ignition.

Get  the  resource:

All parameter can be defined by users via connecting SD card to a PC. No programming is needed. Easy for user-defined just as our Asteria V1.5 board.

- 12 banks preloaded and users can expended to 32 banks

-1 inch blade suitable

BGM play mode. At most 100 BGM files supported

- Mute mode supported

Board to USB charging

- All the accessories for empty hilts will be included 

- The chassis of RVS can be used in FO and RVJ, just pull it out and insert it can make it work. No welding is needed. 

You will receive:

-An installed hilt

-A wrench

- A USB cable

-A user guide

- A blade plug


15-20 working days for shipping worldwide if it's in stock