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Best light saber I have ever owned

This is the first non Disney lightsaber I have bought. I must say I am very happy. Super fast shipping. My only gripe is I have watched other reviews of other brand sabers and I’m jealous of what accessories come with other brands. The saber works perfect and was super easy to setup came with tons of generic sound fonts and blade styles to get you started with. It even had a copy of the config file on the sd card. Made it easy for me to edit it.

First Lightsaber purchase, no regrets

As someone who is a fan of samurai and light sabers, this was a must have.

In relation to the lightsaber itself, this thing is an absolute work of art. This thing is a definite 1:1 recreation of the saber from Star Wars Visions: The Duel. The elegant design is perfectly contrasted by the robust nature of the saber. Having grown up with toy store lightsabers, I was surprised by the quality of the materials and assembly. A good weight, ends up feeling well balanced when paired with a 36in pixel.

In relation to Ultimate Works, the saber was shipped within the week I ordered. Upon arrival the saber worked perfectly but came with very little instructions other than removing the sd card and inserting/removing the chassis. I had to look up the instructions online from other websites in order to piece together all the commands for the proffie board even after checking out the guide and intro video. The battery charger is also pretty simple, not having an overload circuit, meaning you have to be diligent with removing it from the charger after 5 hours of charging. The sound for some sound fonts will also start to crackle to at 50% battery with a 36in blade with the default sounds fonts which means you either have to: use a smaller blade, get different fonts, replace the speaker, or adjust the volume settings in proffie itself. All that being said, any questions I had were answered relatively quick and was even willing to resend 2 of the sounds fonts I accidentally overwrote.

Overall, the entire process could of had better explanations for first time users and I do wish the charger was slightly better quality. However, once these issues were overcome, this saber has quickly become one of the best purchases I've ever made, wowing not just myself, but also everyone I've shown it to.

4/5: Would purchase from again. (In fact I already ordered their Ranger and Mecha).

Asteria Ronin

Looks very accurate to the hilt in Star Wars: Visions. Feels great to use and has a very comfortable grip. The hilt has very nice sounding swings with the asteria soundboard. The buttons on the hilt to control the lightsaber has a nice tactile feel and is responsive. Great customer service too, the seller answered my questions in a timely and polite manner.

Sébastien H.
Magnifique sabre ronin

Le sabre est vraiment de bonne qualité, vraiment magnifique, correspond à 100% à la description je ne regrette pas du tout mon achat, ce sabre est parfait. (Son ronin non inclus)

Ronin visions lightsaber

I just received my Ronin lightsaber today and I was not disappointed. The hilt felt amazing. the smooth swing and the sound fonts were incredible. the hilt is a accurate replica of the Ronin saber. Gavon was very easy to work with and if I had any question very quick to respond. Looking forward to doing more business with them. Thank you ultimate works.