The product is a collectible prop for Adults above 18 years and not a toy. Children using it must always be supervised by an adult. Staring directly at the LEDs will cause harm and possible visual impairment. Please exercise due caution during usage, sharp edges might appear in certain models.

Sabers MUST NOT be dismantled/opened beyond what is advised as the electronics are very sensitive, damage in opening the sabers are not valid for warranty. Choking hazard – small screws/parts may be generated. All sabers are checked to be working before shipping and should not be dismantled, opened or protective wraps removed. If forcefully opened without advice, warranty is voided.

Do not touch the miniLEDs. Always remove the battery or chassis before inserting/removing blades on a Asteria/Proffie setup.

Please refer to respective user manuals in the SD card if applicable.

Upon receipt of the sabers/products, please check that they are working and functional. Packaging, boxes are not covered under the warranty program as they are consumables. 

If for any reason the products are found to be defective or damaged upon arrival, please contact us by email ( Dueling or usage damage is not covered under warranty, while we will try our best to assist with the repair, there will be costs associated with it such as shipping and part fees. 

You can send the sabers/products back to us for repairs or a replacement. This is valid for 7 days upon receipt.  

Please note that the cost of returning the item is the customers responsibility. Thereafter customers are required to cover return shipping costs both ways.

For our sabers and products, all products are QCed by factory and specifically for sabers a repeated QC happens at our shipping facility where they are tested to be working before being shipped. Finishing can differ from hilt to hilt, small scratches, tiny dents and machine marks can appear on the hilt. Issues like this are not replaceable. 

Tolerances are within 1.5mm+/-, a product fitting tolerance will be within the range of 1.5mm+/- due to the nature of how they are finished. This applies to both the polycarbonate and acrylic blades, alongside with the metal hilts.


- Polycarbonate Blades

These blades are built the same way as a industry standard, we offer them in mid grades and heavy grades. Mid grades are for single handed swings and heavy grades support two handed swings, they are not indestructible and are considered a consumable. Clashes to the tips can cause it to fly off and crack the blade, dents and cracks can happen on the blade during usage and dueling. Damage during usage is not covered under the warranty program.


- Proffieboard

The Proffieboard is a open source board, all proffie installed sabers are checked to be working prior to shipping, and will work as per the pre loaded fonts and blade styles. Due to the nature of the board and the ability to modify every single aspect - we can only guarantee the installation to work as it is. Any changes, firmware updates, uploading of different codes resulting in the malfunction of a board will not be covered under our warranty program. While we will try our best to assist you with any known issues, if repairs are required a nominal fee will be charged to assess and replace parts if replaceable. 

Here is the Proffieboard link for more information.

Proffieboard (